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Date: 2020

Sector: Transport

Consultancy Skills: Cyber Strategy



About the client

A large multinational with multiple brands operating globally, each with their own brand identity and target market.  All these operating companies are household names in their own right.  Our client, the ultimate group owner decided to develop their own cybersecurity capability function after lengthy outsourcing. 

Project challenges and goals

  • Cyberbase Consulting were engaged by the CISO office to develop their cyber security strategy to support the multibillion growth of the business over the next three years.
  • Cyberbase consultants worked closely with the CISO office to understand the engagement with the client and its impact on the business over the short to long term.


What was delivered

  • The delivery involved working with key operating company stakeholders over an eight-month assignment to identify gaps and current deficiencies and propose optimal technologies to implement and deliver the cyber strategy. 
  • Cyberbase Consultants created the client’s Cyber strategy which was approved by the Clients Project Funding Board. The strategy is extensive and far reaching due to the global and complex nature of the client and the multiple channels in which they operate. It includes all day to day systems and their huge multi brand online presence.

Project outcome

  • The completed strategy outlined the cyber security challenges faced by the client.
  • It produced a roadmap of projects required to deliver the increased maturity to support the organisational goals.
  • After completing the strategy with its recommendations Cyberbase Consultants were then responsible for several projects across the cyber security portfolio.  Many Cyberbase  consultants remain engaged with the client on a number of highly sensitive and business critical cyber security initiatives.