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We have the reach, agility and expertise to solve the complex cyber protection challenges
that transportation & mobility companies face today - and ensure these solutions are future proofed.

We have worked with a number of clients who can verify the expertise they have received
from Cyberbase.

We undertake a full review of security organisational governance to help support the review and creation of cybersec & infosec policies which will identify risk & compliance gaps.


We provide support in delivering health checks, cyber essentials and subsequent compliance certifications in relevant ISO, NIST, ISF and PCI DSS operating standards.


Our consulting engagement provides advice on SIEM, SOC’s, SOC 2, SASE, IAM and PAM with complete network endpoint, threat intelligence with complex cybersec & infosec architecture solutions.

We have developed a full suite of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cybersec & infosec consulting services across the AWS product portfolio which helps secure the ubiquitous trend of AWS cloud adoption.


We provide complete project assurance throughout the cybersec & infosec project lifecycle with full stakeholder engagement and full accountability for project deliverables & outcomes.


Our team of experts is fully appraised of the latest global cutting edge & emerging cybersec & infosec product ranges that can facilitate enhanced security solutions and can advise on product adoption.