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Date: 2021

Sector:  Utilities

Consultancy Skills: Cyber Architecture



About the client

A Global FTSE organisation with multiple operational sites.

Project challenges and goals

  • To produce a standardised, secure, and highly monitored hosting environment in a mix of public and private cloud using onsite and Data Centre models worldwide.
  • Cyberbase were engaged shortly after project inception to undertake the architecture and design working on a mixed software estate including Dell Carbon Black, Kafka, Beats/Logstash (for FIM and telemetry) and Workspace One with Kafka/Spark/KSQL for ML/AI and pattern analysis.

What was delivered

  • A secure hosting environment into which various software packages could be installed and operated.
  • The model allowed for fine-grained control of the actual offering - allowing customers to select a platform based on their appetite for risk and costed/priced appropriately.

Project outcome

  • Replaced about 15 different hosting models with a single common global footprint, allowing for centralised management (with commensurate cost savings). The main reward is the reduced risk and increased security of the underlying platform.
  • The most significant saving was in the reduced risk profile which could be tailored for each individual site/customer/software combination.
  • Payback timelines are not easy to state in this space as it is difficult to calculate the value of risk that has been mitigated, but operational savings alone paid for the install within 30 months.