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We focus on critical industry sectors where CyberSec & InfoSec breaches can cause major disruption with inevitably severe penalties for breaches.



Airline Industry – Cybersec & infosec are critical to the airline industry in terms of passenger safety, protection of passenger data and digital customer experience. We work with several major airlines and their service providers to deliver robust cybersec & infosec consulting solutions.

Automotive Industry – With the evolution of autonomous driving, e-mobility and the connected car the automotive industry is facing unprecedented security risks to deliver the future technology innovation. We work with automotive OEM's to help mitigate cybersec & infosec risks.

Aerospace Industry – The aerospace industry is becoming increasingly interconnected and through the digital revolution is an ongoing requirement for sophisticated cybersec & infosec consulting solutions. We work with several major aerospace technology OEM's to deliver these solutions.

Shipping Industry – The shipping industry has embraced new automation technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) which require more stringent security. We work with major shipping & ferry operators and their supply chain to deliver robust cybersec & infosec solutions.

Rail Industry – With the advancement of digital rail, high speed rail and technology automation in the rail industry the level of security risk is increasing. We provide cybersec & infosec consulting solutions to rail network operators and their supply chain.

Courier & Logistics Industry – The courier & logistics industry has transformed into a digital customer experience with a predominant e-commerce interface with clients. This necessitates the need to increase security and we help deliver cybersec & infosec solutions to courier operators and logistics operators.